Service Blueprints / by Stephanie Beattie

The products of service (Lara)

Touchpoints: the material evidence or material systems that support the service performance

Channels: the medium through which users access the service touchpoints

Servicescapes: The physical surroundings/ambiance of a service experience

Service ecologies: Service ecologies aggregate touchpoints, channels, actors & systems of a given service including people, organizations, depts, devisions, everything around the actions of interaction. 


Service Blueprints:

a 'glorified timeline', about mapping time, defining interactions & poistioning touchpoints & channels

a time-based matrix, in the X-axis is time, Y-axis is USER-PROVIDERS-VISIBILITY-INTERACTIONS

Lines on Y-axis:

tangible evidences materializing service

a. interface line

actions by user

b. interaction line

actions by service employees mediated thru touchpoints

c. visibility line

actions by service providers to facilitate touchpoints

d. internal interaction line

third parties, etc