Pilot Workshop Proposal / by Stephanie Beattie

Advert for a pilot workshop in the New School residential dorms around teaching the GoC and getting feedback from people who might be interested in the vagaries of non-verbal consent. 


DESIGNING INTIMACY (with Stephanie Beattie (MFA Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons))

Recently, there has been much discussion, especially on college campuses, around what constitutes consent and the ways that we gain consent from our partners. Despite many good verbal strategies ("always ask first" and "yes means yes"), words are only one way that we communicate with each other, and often not the primary one. 

Join us for an exploration of non-verbal communication and how a gesture (like the handshake) might be used to clearly express desire or to enforce boundaries while maintaining positive connections. Could there be such a thing as a "gesture of consent"? What could it look like and how would we use it to negotiate the boundaries of our intimate encounters?